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Flank Steak With Coffee Rub

HomeCooked Meal Gallery

Simplify Thanksgiving With HomeCooked! Instead of spending your time preparing Thanksgiving dinner, you can let HomeCooked do your prep work. Pick up delicious Thanksgiving favorites like sweet potato casserole with your choice of marshmallow or praline topping, ready-to-roast turkey, multigrain … Read More

Paoli Village Shoppes Photo Gallery

We had a photoshoot of our shoppes during the 2019 holiday season: In the summer of 2019, we had another photoshoot. Check it out: We had some new photos taken in the fall of 2015. Take a look: Here are … Read More

2013 Paoli Blues Fest

Paoli Blues Fest 2014

Did you have the chance to attend Paoli Blues Fest on October 4th? The event featured bands playing from noon to 6pm, including Blue Plate Specials, the Deb Callahan Band, Blue Bizness & much more! The event also featured 100+ vendors selling … Read More

2013 Paoli Blues Fest

Paoli Blues Fest 2013

We hosted the Paoli Blues Fest this fall. It was a great turnout with plenty of eating, drinking, shopping, and of course, dancing!

2012 Paoli Blues Fest

Paoli Blues Fest 2012

Once again, we took part in the Paoli Blues Fest by hosting the event in our shopping center. It was a fun day filled with great entertainment. Take a look at some of the photos.

2011 Paoli Blues Fest 4

Paoli Blues Fest 2011

Take a look at these photos of the Paoli Blues Fest. The event took place at Paoli Village Shoppes. We are a happy we could be a part of such a successful celebration.